Helly Hansen launches innovative new H2 Flow Technology

Helly Hansen H2 Flow JacketUnique technology to manage personal climate during all outdoor activities

August 2012 - Helly Hansen boasts an impressive heritage of innovation and first-to-market product solutions that have altered the way the outdoor industry approaches protection, performance and design. This winter, Helly Hansen has launched its latest innovation, H2 Flow Technology, which is set to transform the way that outdoor enthusiasts think about temperature management.

H2 Flow Technology stands for Hollow Heat Flow, and has been tested and proven by the Norwegian Technical & Nature Science University. The first product to feature Helly Hansen's H2 Flow Technology is the H2 Flow Jacket (SRP £130). The jacket is available for men and women, and can be worn as a mid-layer or as a stand-alone jacket. Manufactured using a whole new construction, The H2 Flow Jacket incorporates H2 Flow technology to create a unique insulation system that works unlike any other midlayer by using positive and negative spaces to ensure the body's temperature is easily regulated, based on activity levels and weather conditions.

The UK is renowned for its changeable weather conditions, and the body's climate can fluctuate at a fast rate as internal temperature and perspiration levels vary, even during moderate exercise. Until now athletes have had to shed or build layers in order to deal with the various climates, leading to reduced comfort and performance. Helly Hansen's H2 Flow Jacket eliminates the need for multiple layers, by providing a micro-climate system with the capability to regulate moisture and temperature through a series of proprietary elements, a unique combination of existing elements, and a mechanical ventilation system that utilises nature's elements.

The centre of the H2 Flow Jacket is manufactured using a 200g Polartec fleece fabric. This fabric is constructed like a vest, using holes of different sizes. The holes reduce weight whilst creating positive and negative spaces to trap heat in cold conditions, and to allow fresh air to move freely around the body when the temperature increases. The holes are largest at the back of the jacket where the most breathability is required, and smallest at the sides of the body for increased insulation.

The outside of the jacket is made using a polyester shell fabric to ensure the air trapped in the holes of the fleece fabric doesn't disappear, whilst protecting against water and wind. The shell fabric features two strategically placed zippers on the chest for mechanical venting. Whenever the body is too warm, the mesh panels will allow fresh air to flow in and moist, warm air to escape, letting the body cool down. When cold, simply zip up the vents and the jacket will retain the insulating air to warm the body back up.

The arms of the jacket have been constructed using a brushed microfleece on the inside of the shell fabric. This thinner layer of fabric is nor perforated, but allows for less bulk and lower weight, whilst the torso remains insulated and protected by the negative and positive air pockets.

Kristoffer Ulriksen, Midlayer Category Manager for Helly Hansen says: "Temperature management is at the core of comfort and sustained physical performance. The patent pending H2 Flow Technology represents a completely new approach to an age-old dilemma for outdoor enthusiasts – one that will set a new standard for temperature and performance in a variety of athletes across a broad spectrum of outdoor activities."