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How to avoid expensive mistakes when you buy a new or second-hand yacht. 

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Icom IC-M35We review the Icom IC-M35 handheld.  Read the full review here.

GMDSS A User's Handbook

By Denise Bréhaut

GMDSS A user's handbook








The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) provides a fast and efficient way of calling for assistance at sea, whatever the size of craft or its geographical position. Since it was first published, this book has helped explain the system for anyone using GMDSS and has been excellent pre-course reading for students.


Rose & Brian

Rosie & Brian’s Big Adventure Part 19 - Winter 2012

Still Sailing!

A surprise email from Richard  - did we have any more updates for the Sailers website? We had renewed contact through the Cruising Association forum when I asked for advice on getting into Rhodes Mandraki harbour where we were to collect my sister and her husband for a 2 week cruise.  We joined the CA earlier this year after being encouraged to do so by many of our cruising friends, and I have to say it has been useful.  Not only did I get good advice for Rhodes (where we did managed to get a place) but also some of the discounts applied to a few of the marinas we have visited this year.  So long as you remember to get your CA membership card out when registering!

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From Greek riots to Tunisian turmoil - Rosie & Brian’s Big Adventure part 18

New BiminiWe've followed Rose & Brian since they saiiled from Anglsey last year.  They travel from Greece to Tunisia, weathering the Tunisian 'Jasmine Revolution'.

“No more lazing around in hot sunshine I fear until we get to Tunisia” was the last comment while we were keeping out of the rain in the Ionian.  So true and even in Tunisia it has been cool and wet from time to time with a lot of wind!  We did meet up with friends on the way – firstly Rampage in pouring rain in Paxos, just before we headed back towards Italy.  Then we met Nocturne again in Santa Maria di Leuca and sailed with them all the way back to Malta where they winter.  Our return trip around the foot of Italy, stopping again in Siracusa on Sicily took longer than anticipated as the weather kept us tied up for several days on more than one occasion.  However as we touched base in many of the same harbours we had visited on the way out, we knew our way around which makes life a bit easier.

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Rosie & Brian's Big Adventure 16 - Greece – the Ionian and Peloponnese

We follow Rose & Brian on their live-aboard cruise.  It's now over a year since they left Anglsey...

Since our last episode we have entertained two sets of visitors on Alixora.  My sister arrived a few days after I sent the last part of our adventure.  It was an impromptu visit spurred by her husband working away from home.  As she booked the flight to Kefalonia she was beset by doubts, as she suffers from seasickness and has only been on a yacht once – on a short day trip on Alixora in the calm seas of Houmt Souk!  The itinerary therefore needed to provide a gradual introduction to the joys of sailing.  Initially just sleeping on the boat was felt to be enough and it was going to be a bit too windy for the first couple of days anyway.  We rented a car and drove and walked around the wonderful mountains and coasts of Kefalonia, visiting ancient monuments and a big nature reserve.

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Rosie & Brian - 17 - More Greece

We follow Rose & Brian on their live-aboard cruise.  It's now over a year since they left Anglsey, and they've been across the Med to Greece and are now returning to Tunisia....   

DelphiMethana turned out to be a favourite harbour to which we returned after our visit to Andros.  Favourite harbours have four attributes for us:  Electricity on the quay, proximity to shops and tavernas, wifi we can get on the boat, and lastly access to water.  Each of these gives us a small luxury, and all together they make life a lot easier.

Early August saw us starting off to Andros from Methana to meet my sister after seeing our Norwegian friends and having dinner with them.  We spent a few days at anchor in Ormos Anavissou while waiting for favourable weather then passed the wonderful temple on the headland at Sounio and stopped off at Olympic Marina at Lavrio to collect a package sent from the UK.  On our way past the temple a small tanker overtook us very slowly and also seemed to be sightseeing!

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Rosie & Brian's Big Adventure - 15 Malta, Sicily, Italy & Greece

Melleha Bay MaltaWe have been following live-aboard sailors Rosie & Brian since they left Angelsea, nearly a year ago...

An enforced additional day or two in Agia Efimia, Kephalonia, sitting out gales, and the added benefit of free internet at the dock courtesy of the local town hall means that we can catch up with overdue communications. Not least of these is to add another episode to our Big Adventure, now we are another 1000 miles on and heading towards the first anniversary of our trek.

Happily we are still on speaking terms and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  Brian continues to find more improvements to carry out on Alixora, as well as the usual maintenance issues of which more later. The season has started in earnest, with far more yachtie traffic on the seas.  When we reached Corfu we crossed the path of about 30 Sailing Holiday yachts heading out of Gouvia marina which were the first flotillas of the year.

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