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How to avoid expensive mistakes when you buy a new or second-hand yacht. 

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Icom IC-M35We review the Icom IC-M35 handheld.  Read the full review here.

GMDSS A User's Handbook

By Denise Bréhaut

GMDSS A user's handbook








The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) provides a fast and efficient way of calling for assistance at sea, whatever the size of craft or its geographical position. Since it was first published, this book has helped explain the system for anyone using GMDSS and has been excellent pre-course reading for students.


Rose & Brian

Rosie & Brian's Big Adventure 14 - Tunisia

7th March 2010 - Tunisia

My only excuse for the long gap in updating you on our travels is that we have been quite busy, but not going very far.  We stayed another 2 months in Tunisia, missing out the fishing ports I am afraid, staying one month in Monastir and another in Houmt Souk, Jerba.  So not much sailing to report on apart from the two overnight journeys chasing the sun further south, and now a two day sail to Malta.  Although we had researched the smaller harbours and been given coordinates for the narrow channel through the Kerkennah islands, I think these might be better explored during more predictable and calmer weather.  Neither of us really wanted to be trapped by the weather in a fishing port for a week or more and the weather patterns never really settled down sufficiently to allow anchoring overnight with any degree of safety.

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Rose & Brian 13 - Palma to Tunisia - Six months afloat

Tunisian FlagThe trip clockwise around Mallorca continued without incident.  We had a good F6 blow as we came up to Cap Fomentera – the gusts seemed to come straight out of the sheer cliffs so eventually we dropped the sails completely, worrying what it might be like on the windward side of the point.  Strangely, as we rounded the corner, the wind disappeared.  We tied up in Porto Pollensa, a very pleasant marina with a smart new clubhouse with wifi, all the facilities, and a lively shopping centre with a couple of supermarkets and some pretty squares. 

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Rosie & Brian 11 - Gibraltar, Morocco and Spain

MoroccoWe managed to stay an extra day in Gibraltar despite the threatened eviction for the forthcoming regatta while we continued to re-stock and I paid a visit to the “Rock”. I went with fellow sailors from Rampage with whom we had been barricaded in Barbate.  We managed to get into St Michael’s Cave which was amazing – huge stactites and stalagmites in winding passages opening into a huge cave similarly encrusted which is used as an auditorium.  The tunnels at the other end of the rock were closed when we got there, but it gives the impression that the whole place is almost hollow.

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Rose & Brian 12: Spain, Spain & more Spain

Rose & BrianWe follow Rose & Brian's cruise as they sailed from Holyhead in the summer to the Mediterranean, and then onwards...

As planned, we stayed in Almerimar for over two weeks.  The Eberspacher parts were finally ordered from the UK by the chandlers – it would have been faster to do it ourselves so that is a lesson learned.  The Spanish dealer in Madrid helpfully emailed parts lists which we were given, but they didn’t seem to match up with what we wanted.  Anyway the exhaust tube kit and outlet tube, filters and plug finally arrived and Brian spent an uncomfortable afternoon and morning fitting it all back together.  We tested it and it worked much better than before as the glow plug filter had been all but completely encrusted in scale.


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Rosie & Brian 10 - La Coruna to Gibraltar

MistyI hadn’t realised how long it had been since I last wrote up our voyage notes for Sailers [Not helped by the Editor's absence in September! - Ed].  Time flies when you are having fun!  From La Coruna we carried on south in fits and starts, stopping at Camarinas, Pedras Negras, Bayona, Viana do Castelo, Leixoes, Cascais, Sines, Lagos, Vilamoura, Cadiz and now Barbate.  

Our time spent in La Coruna was occupied with finding supplies both of victuals and items to service the anchor windlass after Brian had fixed the initial problems.  The gear oil had become contaminated with water (the anchor locker drain hole had blocked and the whole thing was awash for a time until we discovered it!) and was also very low.  The roller arrangement that the chain runs over was also a problem, in that it rotates and lifts the chain above the gypsy when winching in, so the chain would slip off and run out again!  An M12 bolt was required – not available in our collection. 

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